International financial Conference on Macroeconomic Convergence and Corporate Performance

The Department of Economics of the Partium Christian University and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Debrecen jointly organized an international financial conference on Macroeconomic Convergence and Corporate Performance in Oradea, between 2nd and 3rd May 2019. During the conference twenty-four lectures were held in three plenary and six parallel sessions.

In two of the plenary presentations, the keynote speakers discussed the priorities of the macroeconomic convergence and the introduction of the euro in Romania, as well as the priorities of the ongoing EU Presidency of Romania. Daniel Dăianu, in his academic presentation, underlined that it is not enough to meet the conditions for nominal convergence, but a critical level of real convergence in the economy must be achieved as well, so that more people could benefit from the introduction of the euro in Romania. Răzvan Ungureanu, representing the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance on behalf of Attila György, presented the most important economic and financial measures of the Romanian EU Presidency.

In the third plenary session academician Iván Bélyácz, professor of the University of Pécs, gave a lecture on corporate performance as the basis for real convergence. In his lecture he examined the role of innovation and knowledge in the new economic environment needed in order to achieve performance for competitiveness in a company.


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