Teachers and students of the Kodolányi János University at the Partium Christian University

Period of the visit: November 27-28, 2018

On November 27-28, 19 students from Kodolányi János University, Orosháza Study Center (Hungary) visited the Partium Christian University. The first-year students (economics, management and tourism) were accompanied by the director of the study center, Dr. Szilárd Malatyinszki. Responsible from the PCU for organizing the program was Dr. Csanád Albert-Lőrincz.  The visitors also had a meeting with  the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Dr. Ferenc Szilágyi.

In the first day of the visit the Hungarian students had a lunch at the university canteen together with the students of the UCP. Dr. András Györbíró presented the complex of the university and the main historical monuments of Oradea with a special cultural role.

During the afternoon, visiting students and UCP students participated in a team-building within the free time program.

The program ended on the second day (28 November 2018) after visiting the Oradea Citadel and the Citadel Museum with lunch at the university canteen.

The purpose of the visit was to initiate student cooperation, and to organize other programs in the future.